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Hardware Product Manager
Job Responsibilities
1. Carry out the company''s product planning, and be able to independently conduct user demand research and inductive analysis;
2. Independently complete high-quality product planning plans, interactive design drafts and product specifications;
3. Responsible for communicating with user research, visual design, development, and testing teams, clarifying product requirements, and accepting products;
4. Responsible for analyzing the form of competitors'' products and outputting analysis reports for their own product optimization.
structural engineer 
Job Responsibilities
1、Responsible for the project structure design work, promote the completion of the main nodes on time, and ensure the quality of the structure design and cost control;
2、Participate in product ID evaluation and provide professional opinions to ensure the manufacturability of the product;
3、Responsible for the communication and evaluation of product structure design and mold design to ensure product performance and good production technology;
4、Responsible for product ID and structure prototype proofing and improvement;
5、Leading small batch trial production and trial production review meetings for new products;
6、Follow up with new product samples, testing and verification and approval;
7、Responsible for the preparation and output of technical documents such as product BOM, related drawings, product technical standards, product manuals, etc.;
8、Research and explore new processes and technologies, and apply them to the company''s products.   
job requirements
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design, mechanical automation, English CET4;   
2、Familiar with mechanical theories such as optics, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, transmission dynamics, etc.;   
3、Proficient in common product design software, Creo3.0, PRO-E, Autocad; able to independently complete complex product structure design;
4、Have a deep knowledge and understanding of electronics, hardware, plastics and other materials;
5、Familiar with the safety regulations and reliability requirements of small household appliances;
6、Understand the production process of the mold, and be able to independently follow the mold to change the mold;   
7、Have a certain understanding of the principles of commonly used sensors, and experience in intelligent robot product design is preferred;   
8、Be able to play a unique role in the work, and have good professional ethics, and have strong communication and coordination skills.
Certified engineer
Job Responsibilities
1. According to the product configuration provided by the product department and the sales area, confirm the product certification type and data, sample requirements, and cooperate with the product evaluation engineer, the technical management department and the project department to prepare and implement the certification plan.
2. Communicate with the certification company about the specific matters of certification, and declare the new certification and certification changes of the product in a timely manner, such as applying for certification fees, arranging certification implementation, and following up on certification progress, etc.;
3. According to product certification requirements, complete the materials required for certification, and make recommendations and confirmations for unclear parts when necessary;
4. Responsible for reporting the unqualified items in the product certification process to the relevant departments in writing or e-mail and follow-up improvement;
5. Responsible for confirming the draft report issued by the certification body, ensuring the consistency between the certification report and the actual product, ensuring the compliance of the test items, being responsible for obtaining the certification certificate and certification report, and filing the certification certificate and certification report to the Technical Management Department;
6. Responsible for the first mass production of certified products, according to the list of key components and certification reports provided by R&D, go to the production site to check the consistency of the certification, and output the consistency verification report.
job requirements
1. College degree or above; majors in electronic information, electrical and electronic, communications and other related majors;
2. 3 years or more of relevant industry experience; 2 years or more of certification related work experience;
3.Familiar with the product compliance management and control process;
4. Familiar with the impact of product engineering changes on product certification;
5. Familiar with the basic knowledge of various certifications such as CCC/GS/UL/CE/CB and other related certifications at home and abroad;
6. Familiar with the certification process at home and abroad, and be able to make reasonable suggestions for product design and production according to certification requirements;
7. Understand the certification process and certification document requirements;
8. English language ability, able to read and write English standards and English technical documents;
9. Have good communication and coordination skills and self-learning awareness.